• It’s a simple hand held distraction device to reduce the pain of injections.

  • It has blunt contact points which when pressed against the skin stimulates the sensory nerves blocking the pain causing impulses from injections.

  • It is fast compared to topical anesthetics. There is no waiting time. Works immediately.

  • It is reusable for a single individual.

  • It is affordable.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Who can use it?
  • People of all ages can use it. It works for vaccinations, Insulin injections for diabetics, fertility injections, hormone injections etc.

  • Will it stop my baby's crying during injections?
  • Pain blocky is a good distraction device to minimize injection pain. Older children, toddlers and adults can feel and appreciate the pain blocking effect. Newborns and babies will still find it unpleasant (and may cry), but the pain felt will be reduced.