The baby's delicate skin and hair can become dry and easily irritated from soaps or even water. That is because a baby's skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin. The solution? My First a mild 2 in 1 hair & body wash that gently cleans baby's sensitive skin and hair without drying.

1: Enriched with soothing colloidal oat, squalane and aloe Vera , it helps to retain the skin's essential moisture .

2: Gentle enough for everyday use.

3: Same pH as healthy skin - 5.5.

4: Tear-free, soap-free.

5: Washes without irritating skin & scalp.

6: Pediatrician recommended brand.


  • Squalane 0.25%.

  • Aloe Vera 0.50%.

  • Colloidal Oat (Avena sativa ) 0.6%.

  • Milk Protein 0.25%.

  • Essential oil blended Soap free Cleansing base Q.S. to 100%.

Manufactured By:

Advanced ayurved research laboratories.