6 signs you should know about worsening baby's cold?

Colds will clear up without antibiotics or other medications over time. If you suspect your baby's cold is not improving or if it is getting worse, make an appointment to see your pediatrician. Be aware of there 6 symptoms that demand quick action:

  • Significant changes in baby's breathing wheezing, grunting or very fast shallow breathing
  • A change in skin tone to a gray or bluish tinge
  • High fever
  • Exhaustion particularly during times when your baby is normally active
  • A worsening cough
  • Drainage from the nose becomes thick and turns yellow, green or gray

If you see one of these symptoms in your baby call the pediatrician and ask to be seen as quickly as possible. If there will be a significant delay ask about taking your child to the emergency room or an urgent care center.

For the vast majority of babies cold is not a threat. Knowing the symptoms that require a doctor's attention and taking steps to prevent colds are the most important steps you can take.

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