A Hi-performance dentist designed & dentist recommended dental floss brand now in India! Ultra soft & thin floss which cleans without widening the spaces. It's engineered not to stretch, shred or break during use. Reduces decay, protects the gums, freshens breath.

(1) Ultra soft & thin: DENTAFORTE's Super soft nylon floss, is one of the thinnest flosses available today. While it effectively cleans the spaces between the teeth it DOES NOT cause widening of the spaces.

(2) Shred resistant: One floss is enough for cleaning all the spaces. It does not stretch, shred or break during use.

(3) Deep clean angle: DENATAFORTE's deep angled floss head design easily reaches back teeth and provides efficient cleaning.

(4) Soft on your gums: The floss is slightly relaxed to protect your gums and remove plaque.

Why dentaforte?

Whether you are a regular floss user or using it for the first time you will find that it’s EASY TO USE and makes the cleaning process much simpler. The handle fled floss in Dentaforte is easier to use compared to rolled floss. It’s clinically proven to be as effective as rolled floss. DENTAFORTE overcomes the disadvantages of nonstandard floss picks. How? It Cleans without widening spaces, cleans without shredding, cleans without hurting your gums. This makes it SAFE FOR EVERYDAY USE.


  • Ultra Soft & Thin nylon floss. Cleans effectively without widening the tooth spaces.

  • Shred Resistant.

  • Deep clean angle design reaches the back teeth easily.

  • Protects gums - Floss is slightly relaxed to remove plaque without hurting the gums.

  • Easy to use.


  • Directions: For flossing gently guide floss between your teeth. Floss in gentle back and forth, up and down motion alongside each tooth.

  • Dentists recommend: Floss daily, once a day.