100% Natural Relief for Colds,
    Cough and Nasal Congestion
    35g Family Pack

    • Safety is our #1 priority.
    • Ayurvedic formulation with six essential oils that are free from petroleum,menthol and artificial fragrances.
    • Cough relief that starts working instantly.
    • 8 hour long action provides soothing cough relief that helps your family to settle in for a good nights sleep.
    • A safe soothing home remedy that is suitable for all age groups from 3 months onwards.

    The difference is in the details

    Safety is our #1 priority

    We thoroughly curate our ingredients from the safest of mother nature's essential oils. That’s why the balm is free from petroleum and menthol. Holistic wellness and not economics determine the products ingredients.

    Safe for all age groups.

    Cough and Cold balms are effective home remedies for cold symptoms in babies and older children as long as its free of menthol and camphor, Menthol and camphor act as irritants, causing the body to produce more mucus to protect the airway, it can be troublesome in babies and young children who have very small airways to begin with.Unfortunately its found in most rubs. Nasobuddy™ Cough and Cold rub is free of menthol and camphor.A natural remedy that's safe for the entire family.

    We’ll Never Use Petroleum in Our Products

    Petrolatum, aka petroleum jelly, is cheap byproduct of petroleum commonly used in balms and rubs-it can damage and suffocate your skin, as it takes only takes 26 seconds for anything on your skin to get absorbed into your bloodstream. Nasobuddy Vapor rub is made of natural essential oils and its petroleum free.

    Helps your baby sleep

    Dilute patchouli essential oil along with other ingredients gently calms, soothes and helps the baby sleep.

    8 hour long action

    Our simple yet trusted Ayurvedic mixture of essential oils are designed to be effective for a +8 hour long duration, helps your family sleep through the night naturally .


    Directions :A chest rub. Apply liberally on the chest. Not on the nose.