Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Nasobuddy better than other aspirators?
  2. Nasobuddy is non-invasive – instead of going inside the nose like the bulb, it forms a seal with the outside of the baby’s nostril (creating a vacuum). Parent-powered (mouth) suction is much stronger and more effective than the static suction of the bulb o aspirators. Nasobuddy is also easy to clean.

  3. Will sucking in hard, harm the baby?
  4. Absolutely not. You are in complete control of the aspirator and will be able to gauge how hard or how gently to suck for good results. The length and design of Nasobuddy aspirator ensures only the gentlest of aspiration force reaches the baby.

  5. Do I have to sterilise the nasal aspirator?
  6. Nasobuddy is non-invasive and does not need to be sterilised, unless it is being used by more than one infant, in which case it should be sterilised between infants.The filters can be disposed after each use.Nasobuddy comes with 5 extra hygienic filters . All the pieces EXCEPT the soft long tube can be sterilised. The soft long tube should be cleaned with a few drops of rubbing alcohol and shaken out to dry.

  7. Will Nasobuddy make me sick?
  8. No,The hygiene filter provided prevents mucus and bacterial transfer from child to user.

  9. Is the plastic used in Nasobuddy safe for the baby?
  10. Yes, Nasobuddy is made of non-allergenic, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free polypropylene. It is manufactured in eco friendly clean environment.

  11. What if I run out of filters provided in the box?
  12. Each box has 5 extra filters provided. Individual Nasobuddy hygienic filters(20pcs) can be purchased separately.